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YesterMorrow may be worth a go

YesterMorrow Currency YesterMorrow players will travel through time in a 2D platforming environment. Travel through different timelines as you brave a post-apocalyptic world. Players must bring down the Shadows and find those who stole the Sun from the sky. Still to go on this journey players must master the Everlight which offers mystical and strange powers.

There is an instant wistfulness apparent in Yestermorrow. There’s a little town a quiet village about to celebrate an annual festival. Player character Yui is an adorable little girl eager to pet the many adorable animals scattered around the town. Yui plays with her brother chats with her mother and is excited to see her father later in the day. The soundtrack is pleasant and perfectly matches the dreamy pixelated artwork and beautiful backgrounds.


YesterMorrow is best described as a precision platformer with some puzzles and enemies thrown in. Cheap YesterMorrow Currency For the duration of the game you’ll mostly be navigating dangerous obstacle courses and dodging enemies while using Yui’s abilities to progress. Moving platforms spikes electric barriers timed switches they’re all there. Most of the game takes place across three islands: Forest Desert and Ice. They’re not directly connected and you’ll need to use warp stones to move between them using a hub of sorts. The islands are fairly large though and there are heart containers artifacts map pieces and collectibles to find. As you make your way through the game Yui gains new abilities that make her more capable as well as allow her to utilize pathways and the like that she couldn’t before.

It’s a real shame that YesterMorrow performs so poorly because visually it’s a real treat and it’s backed up by a pretty great soundtrack. More importantly though its gameplay – while functional – can’t hold a candle to a game like Celeste and we feel it really should have nailed this aspect if it’s to be successful. YesterMorrow may be worth a go if the severe technical issues get ironed out but it’s by no means a must-buy.

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