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WoW Classic will win exclusive PvP server for Brazil

According to a Blizzard official forum post, World of Warcraft Classic will gain a PvP Kingdom exclusive to Brazil. It will be possible to transfer for free all characters that are in other kingdoms of the region to the Brazilian server, and were promised more information "as soon as possible".

That is: there will be 2 servers, one for Brazil, and another for those who speak Spanish. I even asked Lorie on Twitter, who confirmed that they will be separate servers (but nothing prevents a player from creating or transferring a character to a server with more Spanish-speaking people)

With gigantic server queues and a nostalgic aura, WoW Classic is now available for PC. The game runs alongside the traditional version of WoW, and does not require separate subscriptions or payments.

WoW Classic is available and shares the same signature as normal MMO. That is: the player does not have to pay 2 monthly fees, and can access either the traditional or the classic version with the same monthly subscription. You can learn more about the classic version on the official website.

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