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WoW: Arcane Mages do more damage from October 1st

The WoW developers' message about patch 8.2.5 and the current status of the Arcane mages in the online role-playing game is sober that it sounds terribly boring: the damage of all Arcane abilities is increased. The Arcane Mages will be happy, are not they? Here are the details.

More buffs for more buzz, that wishes in the online role-playing game WoW (buy now for 12,99 €) but as good as any class, or not? After all, everyone would like to ride at the top of the damage meter. Who currently seems rather less to be found, the Arkan magician seems to be, because for those the developers of Blizzard have announced a hotfix that will be released with the maintenance work on 1 October 2019 on the live server. The hints on the part of the WoW-makers sound relatively ... undercooled (which would be a great joke, it would be about the Frost-mage ...)

wow classic

As usual in a Blizzard development process, this announced adaptation is not set in stone. Until it comes on the live server, changes can still be made - as well as it will give details until they appear in the hotfix patch notes. Some of the players in the WoW forums want something more to do with the customization. For example, Worgen magician Rousselot hopes for an Arcane Damage Buff of at least 11 percent to give Arkan artists a chance to compete with the other classes and skills. No matter what happens on October 1st, the Arcanists can still be happy, right?

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