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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic,transporting players old and new to an alternative 2007

On January 16, 2007, Burning Crusade was released, the first expansion of World of Warcraft and the beginning of a path that continues until today:June 1 will see the publication of Burning Crusade Classic, a content that aims to simulate a jump back in time, transporting players old and new to an alternative 2007. Obviously the world has changed in the meantime and it is really impossible to reproduce the historical and social context that MMORPG players lived in 2007, but Blizzard still felt the need to reopen to the past (as it did recently with the re-releases of StarCraft, Warcraft III and in the future will do with Diablo II) and stimulate nostalgia for the old days.

The next iteration of WoW Classic is almost here! May 18 saw the delivery of the first World of Warcraft Classic pre-patch, where the Blizzard team effectively cloned their whole environment over to give us what is now in the dropdown as a separate game: Burning Crusade Classic. But you have a decision to make! Do you want to go for one of the bundles available from Blizzard to “enhance your Burning Crusade Classic experience” or dive in headfirst?

Since participating in the Burning Crusade Classic will mean your character has to leave WoW Classic behind, Blizzard created the cloning service that allowed players to clone their characters so they can enjoy both servers.

For a lot of people, grinding your way up to the max level is one of the best parts of WoW. You’re finally able to experience that legendary end-game content. But logging in on launch day and seeing other players with brand-new toons already at level 58 for TBC is sure to take the wind out of some people’s sails.

"Yes, for new players I would recommend going through the Dark Portal at level 58 or starting from one of the new starting zones," concluded Birmingham. Playing Buning Crusade Classic, however, will not be like returning to the 2007 game.

So is it worth it paying for any of these? The extremely constructive answer is: it depends! Think about the following questions:
  •     Do you want to continue playing in Vanilla Classic and explore Outland with your current character? If yes, either shell out for the character clone or consider the next question.
  •     How do you value your time? Are you just starting your Classic experience and planning to create a new (non-Blood Elf or Draenei) character for BCC ? The Dark Portal Pass can get you through initial leveling pains so you can dive into enjoying Outland. The Pass is more beneficial for diving in fresh to BCC, as anyone with a level 60 could pay the $15 for the Clone option.
  •     Do you value/enjoy cosmetic items? I am not very interested in a themed effect for my hearthstone and steps. However, I enjoy collecting mounts, and the ones released as part of expansions never make it to the store. Are unique mounts enough to justify shelling out $70?
  •     Finally, are you immediately kicking off with a Blood Elf or Draenei? You can’t use the character boost for a newly-created Blood Elf or Draenei, which is both understandable and kind of a bummer. If you’re diving in for the first time on one of these two races, the value of either option drops significantly.

As the defining expansion, WoW Burning Crusade set the tone for millions of players, thanks to its enthralling plots and the myriad of new features introduced to the MMORPG, including flying mounts, arena systems, unexplored areas and two completely new playable races (Blood Elves & Draenei). It was a crucial release for everyone because it was the first time Blizzard gave players a taste of what they had to offer into the future of WoW.

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