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whether one match in FIFA 18 could reach 1000 hits.

FIFA 18 was the most popular football simulation game which was developed by EA Sports for PS4, XboxOne, Switch, iOS and Android and published on 26 September 2017. Features Frostbite Engine, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and new leagues like CSL, FIFA 18 was one of the best football video game in 2014, surpassed by its descendents.

YOUTUBER xAccepttiion decided to find out whether one match in FIFA 18 could reach 1000 hits. Unfortunately, he did not come close even though he set all the settings so he could go to his arm.
xAccepttiion played with Adidas All Star team against India, which has just one star. The half-time was set to 20 minutes to make it easier and faster. Everything went well, but it soon became clear that he would not be able to achieve his goal.
In the first half he scored 107 goals, and when he continued at the same pace in the second half, the first problems appeared. It seems that the new FIFA is not designed to reach 200 hits, so only 20 are on the score. Although it failed to reach the desired number of 1000 hits, xAcceptition achieved up to 244.
Sam xAccepttiion confirmed that it would probably have reached more than 300 goals, if you have the time and will to deal with it, and the only way to reach 1000 goals is to break through because there are no limits there. As the entire action has passed, check out the video click here.