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Webzen's R2M has good sales

R2M Diamonds Top Up Samsung Securities said on the 21st that Webzen's self-developed 'R2M' continues to rank third in domestic sales and stock prices are expected to rise due to rising expectations. In response the company maintained its 'Buy' investment opinion while raising its target stock price by 5.45% from the previous 55,000 won to 58,000 won.

Webzen's stocks have risen significantly completely erasing the traces of the new virus'Corona 19'. It is solved because of the successive release of new games and success.

In order to make R2M properly Webzen developed it by itself without entrusting IP to other companies. Subsidiary Webzen Red Core was in charge. Webzen Red Core is a company founded around 10 major R2 developers. It is characterized by independent decision making. R2M Diamonds for sale Headquarters provided business and management support and subsidiaries were able to focus on game development.

On the 19th Webzen's self-developed mobile MMORPG R2M ranked third in Google Play sales. R2M has been ranked fourth in sales since its launch on August 25. Although its ranking fell to 5th~9th place in October sales increased thanks to sales promotions conducted on the 15th.

Webzen also promotes in-game items and Google gift cards such as'market pre-registration event','pre-book sharing event','official community sign-up event' and'pre-book sharing event' until the game is released.

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