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The Street Fighter characters, Chun-Li and Ryu will make an appearance in the Fortnite

Epic Games has released a new trailer for its free-to-play battle royale game, Fortnite, which reveals that the Street Fighter characters, Chun-Li and Ryu will make an appearance in the game. The trailer is only 28 seconds long, and doesn’t reveal much besides the fact that they will be in the game in some capacity, but more details are expected to release at 7 pm ET on February 20, 2021 via Epic Games’ blog and social media accounts.

If the rumours are true, Street Fighters will be the latest series to cross over into Fortnite in recent times. Characters from the Marvel, Star Wars, Terminator, Predator, and Walking Dead franchises have all arrived at some point in Season 2 Chapter 5, while video game characters including Master Chief and Kratos have also been turned up as skins.

The leaks started with a tweet spotted by Eurogamer that includes assets from the next in-game portal. They show a part of Street Fighter 2’s Suzaku Castle level. And if you listen carefully, you can hear a distorted version of Ryu’s theme. ShiinaBR, the prolific data miner who shared the portal assets, later tweeted out an image of the Ryu and Chun-Li skins they found in the game’s code.

Ryu will come with a Traditional white gi, black belt, and red headband, and Battle variant. Each Outfit also features a Training Bag Back Bling and the built-in Shoryuken! Emote. Chun-Li comes with a Nostalgia variant and complete with a Super Cab-Masher Back Bling and built-in Lightning Kick! Emote. Each character bundle also includes a “Player Select!” loading screen, Sumo Torpedo Glider, the Seven Star Flashing Flail and Signpost Pummeler Pickaxes.

Fortnite dataminers have allegedly been unable to decipher which Street Fighter characters will be added to Fortnite. According to Eurogamer, two encrypted files have been found in Fortnite's code, but their identities are unknown. Given how popular Ryu and Chun-Li are among the Street Fighter fanbase, though, it's possible that they will be the fighters that enter Fortnite's world.

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