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The New Summoners War MMORPG Game is Under Development in the First Half of 2018

Korean developer Com2uS announced that the company is currently developing a MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game program based on Summoners War: Sky Arena, in addition to many magical classic characters in the game, Enter the world view and story base of Summoners War. The work is expected to be completed this year and will be launched globally in the first half of 2018.
The official pointed out that the development plan of this MMORPG will combine the world view and various core elements of Summoners War itself, and the game focus will be on the strategic duel. Officials believe that this is also the Summoners War: Sky Arena The main reason for the popularity of the world. In addition to this development plan, Com2uS also plans to use the IP of Summoners War to develop comics, CG animations, novels and movies, and promote Com2uS mobile games around the world through a reinforced circular strategy.

Massively Multiplayer Online


The World Boss is a Special Giant Boss that encourage each Players to work together in order to Defeat it. When the World Boss is Defeated by all the Players, the Server will Reward Every Players with a amount of Crystal, the amount of Crystal Given is based on our Rank. It exist 14 different Reward Rank.
Including the Spirit of the Devil offline mobile esports tournament, Summoners War new version of the update and history review and the release of 7 boutique new games. The event was held in the enthusiasm of the players and fans. The Counselor of the Korean Embassy in China and the President of the Cultural Institute and the relevant leaders of the China Copyright Association attended the event.
The game will optimize the replay recommendation function to improve the convenience of watching the game, so that the spectator room creator and the spectator can play friendly matches in the spectator room. Join the guild siege warfare that can match three guilds at the same time, strengthen the social function of the guild, and increase the interaction between guild members. Com2us is one of the products that the Magic is calling for an IP plan. This game will support real-time online team battles and has a magic spirit summoning beast and a collection system.
At present, this product is still going to be polished, and it is hoped that it will be launched with the best quality, and the first half of 2018 is the current planned launch time. When you loved this post and you wish to receive more details with regards to Summoners War Sky Arena Account I implore you to visit the web-site. The point we get in World Boss are based on how well your Monsters are Trained. So raising Monsters Skills and also attaching Runes to them will raise the amount of Damage done into a World Boss Fight.
Decent 3 Stars Monsters can be obtain into Scenario Map, collecting Summoning Piece in Secret Dungeon and summoning Mystical Scroll. When participating into a World Boss, there's a chance to collect good reward, like Legendary Scroll or Devilmon.