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The Fast Way To Get Free Wraith Queen of Hearts skin in Apex Legends

By January 2021, Apex Legends players who subscribe to Prime Gaming can get the new Queen of Hearts Wraith skin for free. This is how you can get this new Twitch skin yourself. The "Fight Night Collection" event brings many brand new bug fixes, buffs, nerf and quality of life updates to Apex Legends, as well as some new cosmetics. Now, the new skin will be available to Wraith players in January 2021.


If you are a Prime game Apex player, then you can get the Wraith skin of the "Queen of Hearts". All you have to do is follow the instructions.
How to get the Apex Legends skin for Twitch Prime
Starting on January 14, Prime Gaming (previously known as Twitch Prime) subscribers will be able to claim new rewards immediately after earning new rewards on the website through the following steps.
  • Visit the Prime Gaming website and log in
  • Go to the game and loot section
  • After activation, click "claim now" on the "Queen's Heart" skin
  • Log in and link your EA account (if not already registered)
  • Next time you play Apex Legends, the skin should appear in the game list
  • As a standard configuration of other Prime Gaming skins, Queen of Hearts is only available to subscribers during the promotion period. Once it disappears, it disappears.
Apex Legends’ latest exclusive Prime game equipment is the Inverse Polarity Horizon skin, which will be available from November 10th to December 28th.
This skin is only available on Wraith, and you may encounter a lot when it is released. The new skin is another new feature in the Twitch Prime free player skin series that can be unlocked. In the past, we have seen various other legendary skins released, but this may be one of the best skins they have released.
The skin image has been posted on the Apex Legends News Twitter page. The unique skin has a red and black color scheme. As you can see, playing cards are printed on the skin. With the dramatic makeup, it seems that the skin is related to the theme of the Queen of Hearts playing card. So far, skin seems to have received a positive response from the entire community.
Currently, this skin can only be received by Prime Gaming subscribers and will not be used by other players soon. This is usually the case with other skins on this platform, so it's not surprising. That's all the necessary steps for you to get the exclusive look of Wraith. Once you master it, you can make Legend the queen of hearts playing card. This makes the skin look unique and aesthetically cool.
If your EA account is not yet associated with Twitch, you must link the two together on the EA website before you can get it. If you want to get this skin, you may find Z2u.com is best place to buy Apex Legends Account. Choose a prime a account and get the skin successfully.