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The diversity of civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms is the main feature for the game

Rise of kingdoms is an immensely popular game available on various platforms. In this game, the players get to choose any one out of the eight civilizations. The real game starts after you choose a civilization and have to take it to new heights. You can change civilization, but you will have to spend a lot of coins to do it, which is not at all a profitable deal. Each civilization has its hero, and as you choose civilization, you will be allotted that hero.

If you have a favorite hero in the game, but you don’t like the civilization he belongs too then you must ignore him as you can obtain the hero of your choice later in the game; the civilization it what is more important. You have to take your kingdoms to new heights with good attacking and defensive strategies. A leader needs to be wise and make the right decisions in favor of his kingdom. Each civilization has different features and troops that will assist you in the game to manage your kingdom efficiently.

At the beginning of the Romans obey Scipio Africanus, which is effective in battles and PvP. The Central army of Rome — infantry. She has a passive skill that increases defense by 5%. Also, the Romans are 5% faster marching, spending less time moving around the map, and 10% faster to extract resources from the collection points. A unique unit of Rome is the Legion. It is a heavy infantryman with a shield and a spear and a high degree of protection. If you like the expansive path of development, involving active actions on the map, the attacks of other players or the capture of resource points from under the nose of opponents, then you will like to play for Rome. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy Rise of Kingdoms RSS from the reputable sellers 5mmo.com in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

Germany is another great civilization led by a strong leader named Hermann. He is one of the strongest commanders and is great at defending your kingdom. If you like to stay tight and have defensive gameplay, then Germany can be an excellent option for you. Each civilization has its unique unit, and Germany also has a strong group called the Teutonic Knight. It is the best combination as the commander can defend your city effectively, and the troops can be used to attack with their quick speed and power. The excellent combination of attack and defense offered by Germany makes it one of the most preferred civilizations of the rise of kingdoms lost crusade.

Britain has Boudica as the starting commander. Unique unit is the Longbowman (archer). The stats of Britain are not as impressive and useful as those of some other civilizations. This civilization can be seen as having more of a ‘support’ role. While the commander of Britain is likable but the lack of any significant perks and bonuses make it probably the weakest civilization in the game.