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Spellbreak feels unusually polished and special from the opening seconds

Initially, Spellbreak should seem instantly familiar to anyone who has played a battle royale. You land on a massive continent. You scavenge for gear and destroy anyone in your path while a storm closes in. Eventually, the victor emerges. You’ve seen this in everything from Apex Legends to Call of Duty: Warzone to Realm Royale, which also added a fantasy style. However, from the basic framework, the game quickly diverges from battle royale conventions.

Set in a broken region of a formerly powerful civilization, Spellbreak puts you in control of a battlemage known as a Vowbreaker. These Vowbreakers harvest the magic of powerful gauntlets, channeling the energy into spells and attacks that you then use to crush others in your roguelike quest for loot and levels. The story doesn’t do much except serve as a backdrop for the setting and powers presented in the actual gameplay. It’s serviceable, and that’s all that’s necessary in an exclusively multiplayer battle royale game.

By swapping out the guns for spells and overhauling the theme, location, and progression format with a more fantastical and mystical vibe and a stylized art style that looks almost like a watercolor painting come to life in all the best ways, Spellbreak manages to feel both familiar and fresh all at the same time. At the end of the day, charging an ice spike with a zoomed-in camera might effectively be the same as a sniper rifle for example, but it certainly feels different when you’re a wizard instead of a soldier or… whatever you’re supposed to be in Fortnite.

There are six elements you can tame, each giving a basic skill and an AoE skill. The Pyromancers, who are masters of fire, are an aggressive class with good area control and basic fireballs. Frostburn, the long range DPS class, use the ice element and can cover opponents and entire areas with a thick layer of ice. Conduit, based on electrified attacks and distinguished for their speed in their attacks, with their main skill being lightning. The Stoneshapers are a mid-range brawler class with near and far attacks that use seismic vibrations and rocks. The Tempests have the best mobility and take advantage of the power of the air, creating tornadoes, and finally the Toxicologists, who are the stealth class and specialize in poison attacks.


Spellbreak is an accessible game. Maybe it’s due to bots, but I’ve seen nearly everyone win their first match. However, there’s more to the mechanics once you start digging. Elemental attacks behave differently when mixed together. Fire and poison are strong on their own, but you can then set your poison puddle on fire to make your offensive even more overwhelming. This opens up nifty strategic options when deciding primary and secondary loadouts. Each gauntlet also has a special attack that acts on a cooldown. Create tornadoes to pull in foes or deadly lightning strikes. As you successfully survive the storm, these spells grow even mightier. The epic wizard duels that occur at the end of a match, especially when teams coordinate during the clash, are something to behold.

Along with the basic gauntlets, players can also find various runes that give one added ability to help in the fight. Most of these runes serve to add some much-needed mobility, with the notable exception of the Wolf’s Blood Rune, which instead marks nearby players in red so you can locate them easily.

For a battle royale, Spellbreak feels unusually polished and special from the opening seconds. Even as the new game on the block, developer Proletariat has managed to stand out in the crowd with exciting spell-based combat, a vivid art style, and varied character classes. The single map lacks variety and cosmetics could be better, but it’s an excellent foundation to build upon as a real alternative to the over-saturation of military shooters in the battle royale genre.

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