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Space Pioneer has quite a retro look in its art style

Space Pioneer is a sci-fi themed top-down shooter. The universe is a very dangerous place and you are an intergalactic mercenary and explorer for the Galactic Federation. You have been sent to distant galaxies to explore and do some clean up duties. Fear not, you won’t be doing this all on your own as you have a little robot companion who beams down to the planets surface with you.

Space Pioneer’s top down shooting controls very well. The mercenary moves freely along the battlefield firing at hordes of enemies, and the controls remain smooth throughout the experience. Health packs, grenades and turret assists are available at the single push of a button. I needed to make use of those items often, so convenient access to them was a must. These accessories don’t pack much of a punch in the earlier phases of the game, however. I died multiple times by waiting until the last second to use a health pack. The pack works rather slowly and quickly loses effectiveness before it is upgraded.

Weapons in Space Pioneer feature an overheating function that can lead to sticky situations if you’re not paying attention. Finding yourself in the middle of a firefight with an inoperable gun usually goes hand in hand with instant death. Fortunately, this function can also be upgraded for longer heat duration and quicker cool down phases. If you are in need of Cheap Space Pioneer Accounts, come to z2u.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “Z2U”.

The more objectives you meet, the quicker our space mercenary can become an alien slaying juggernaut. This is a tried and true upgrade system and one that RPG players have likely seen countless times with rogue-lites. This system is so familiar, in fact, that it left me a bit surprised and bored simultaneously.

Space Pioneer offers a decent arcade experience for those looking for this specific style of game. For those who get obsessed with completion, there is a good bit you can grind towards as well. Otherwise, you have a title that is similar to several others on the Nintendo Switch that doesn’t offer anything new or exciting. Although addictive and fun at times, the game suffers from not offering a concise story for those who require it and being too cookie cutter to set itself apart.