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Shadow Fight 2 have been made to move from the free to play model to the Switch port

Having previously released Shadow Fight 2 as a mobile game, developer/publisher Nekki has now brought the game to a more powerful mobile platform. Sure, it was pretty evident during my playthrough of Shadow Fight 2 that it maintains some aspects of its mobile roots, changes have been made to move from the free to play model to the Switch port.

Among the new features is a local PvP battle mode and a bonus story chapter that delves into the characters’ pasts. The game also comes equipped with everything in the Special Edition. Here’s what you can expect from the Switch version of the game:
  •     Local multiplayer (PvP mode)
  •     Up to 4 game accounts for one Nintendo profile
  •     Complete re-balance of the main campaign (story mode)
  •     Increased choice of weapons and equipment
  •     Story of Sensei (only available in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition before)
  •     Full Eclipse mode with new rewards (only available in mobile Shadow Fight 2 before)
  •     Complete interface redesign
  •     HD Rumble support
  •     Joy-Con controllers support

While the art direction is Shadow Fight 2‘s defining feature, its actual mechanics also deviate a little from the fighting genre norm. Most attacks and movements will likely feel pretty slow for most fighter veterans, but this is done quite intentionally as the developers obviously chose to put a great deal of focus on fewer, more deliberate actions instead of fast, flashy combos. Most moves are slow enough that skilled players will be able to reasonably read their opponent’s attacks and react accordingly.

While otherwise inconsequential to the greater scheme of the game, the story explains the title's trademark feature: using shadows in place of fully textured fighters. It's an interesting aesthetic choice, but it works out in the game's favor when it comes to the graphical presentation. The characters are large, and without other elements to worry about, the animation for each move is absolutely smooth. It achieves a level of fluidity that's rarely seen, even in fully textured polygon-based fighters or very good sprite-based animated ones. It stands out so much that you'll almost forgive the backgrounds, which use a palette of bland colors and hardly any animations. It makes the shadows stand out more, but having lusher backgrounds would certainly have been preferable.

As an indie game, and a mobile port, the game is a welcome approach and places itself as a more methodical fighting game. The style and pace may not be for every fan of the genre, but it does enough to establish itself as a decent game. I really enjoyed progressing my weapon and armor sets to build a fighter that was powerful.

On a platform that already has a pretty solid fighting game lineup, Shadow Fight 2 is a pleasant surprise. The fighting system is different from most games, but if you can deal with its slower flow, you'll find some fun here. The presentation is muted in places but still interesting, and even though some parts of the campaign can feel like a slog, you'll get your money's worth. Shadow Fight 2 won't be your main squeeze, but it can be a good cooldown offering to play between some other fighting games.

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