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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to find Bagon and how to catch Bagon for Hoenn Event

Bagon itself is a very rare Pokémon, but players can encounter it to the greatest extent by waiting for a specific situation. First of all, Bagon seems to prefer windy weather, so if the wind speed in your area increases, players will have a greater chance of finding one. Just go outside and use the bait to see if Bagon will appear. Another good idea is to wait until Niantic participates in another large Pokemon-themed community event. They did one last year, which greatly increased the chances of finding Bagon.
Pokemon Go Bagon Guide: How To Catch A Bagon For The Hoenn Collection Challenge
Where can I find Bagon in Pokemon GO?
In the ongoing Hoenn event, the trainer will be able to encounter many Pokémon creatures in the wild. However, Bagon rarely lays eggs in the wild, which means it is difficult for trainers to encounter it. It is recommended that you pay attention to the surprise check during the event, because the Pokemon will appear in the one-star surprise check.
All you need to do is to make sure to watch out for nearby Bagon attacks, as it will appear randomly. This will be easier when there are some stadiums near you. You also need to make sure you look for the pink eggs that will appear in Pokemon Gyms. It is worth noting that not all pink eggs will produce a Bagon, but these are the only things you need to pay attention to.
How to catch Bagon in Pokémon GO
The easiest way to catch a Bagon in Pokémon Go in the Hoenn Collection Challenge is to defeat one in a one-star raid battle.
Since raids are randomly generated without warning, you need to check the game frequently to see if there is a Bagon in a nearby raid. Look at all nearby stadiums to see if a raid is ongoing or about to be carried out. It may be useful to use a remote attack pass so that you don't have to go to the gym where the Bagon attack is provided.
Bagun may also lay eggs randomly in the wild. However, this is difficult to predict and therefore takes more time than just turning on the phone every hour to check for nearby attacks.
The best counter for Bagon
In order to catch a Bagon from the raid, you need to defeat it in the Pokémon battle first. The faster you can beat it, the more PokéBall you can use to try to catch it.
The good news is that as a single-star raid, as long as there is a decent level improvement, Bagon should be relatively easy to defeat single players. Before getting the chance to catch it, use the moves of the fairy, ice and dragon to defeat Bagun.
Bagon is one of the more difficult Pokémon to obtain in the Hoenn Collection Challenge, but if you check the game frequently (and if you are close enough to some stadiums, you can spot a one-star raid), you should be able to catch this rare Dragon Pokémon.
Grabbing Bagon in Pokémon GO's Hoenn series of challenges is not the best answer, because it relies heavily on randomness, but this is the game. To find a raid in the next five days, you should complete the mission, but keep an eye on the nearby screen in case it lets you skip and avoid all troubles. You can buy Pokemon Go Money Android/IOS with peace of mind on Z2u.com. We are at your service 24/7, and wish you your favorite Pokemon in this holiday event.