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Path of Exile Best Skill Gems Guide: POE How to Get Active Skill Gems & Support Skill Gems

How do you get skill gems in Path of Exile? Path of Exile skill gems includes Active skill gems and support skill gems. So, How Skill Gems work and where to find them?


What are the Skill gems?
Skill gems must be equipped in item sockets before their use. Active skill gems grant an active skill for the player to use and are further augmented by linked support skill gems. There are currently 263 different active skill gems and 170 support skill gems in the game, for a total of 433. Skill gems are not to be confused with passive skills, which provide constant stats and are mainly earned through character leveling. To avoid confusion, some players simply refer to both types of these items as "gems".
How to get skill gems?
·Earned through a quest reward.
·Purchased from town vendors once a certain quest is complete.
·Vendors in Acts 1–4 sell leveled skill gems. The available gems are based on the character’s class and quest progression. But there are restrictions (such as the marauder can’t buy Glacial Cascade)
·Siosa in Act 3 sells all unleveled skill gems that can be received as quest rewards for quests you’ve completed, across all classes. (except special skill gems such as Remote Mine Support, Portal, Empower Support, Enlighten Support, etc.)
·Lilly Roth in Act 6 sells all unleveled skill gems after completing the Act 6 quest “Fallen from Grace”.
·Vendor recipes.
·Random drop from monsters, chests and strongboxes.
·Vaal skill gems are obtained from Vaal Vessels in corrupted areas or by corrupting a regular skill gem.
·As a reward for turning certain sets of divination cards.
PoE Skill Gem Quality
Both active and support skill gems may have quality. Every skill is affected by quality differently, but frequently it somehow improves the damage dealt with the skill. Buffs and curses, obviously, do not have their damage improved. Even those that do have their damage improved will see different rates of improvement for a given amount of quality. The quality of skill gems may be improved with a Gemcutter's Prism. These upgrades always improve a skill's quality by 1%. Alternatively, a level 20 skill gem and a Gemcutter's Prism can be sold for a level 1 gem with 20% quality.
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