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Nexon released a new content update for V4

V4 Red Gems As previously reported Nexon released yesterday the 18th a new content update for V4 its multiplatform Free-to-play MMORPG introducing a series of news for players. Among the novelties the biggest highlight perhaps is the arrival of the new Archer class which according to the publisher was long awaited by the players.

Specializing in ranged physical attacks the Archer class the first introductory class in V4 since its launch is a class that delivers devastating blows with a bow and arrow. With a short skill activation time Archer can perform quick attacks making her the fastest class in all of Syllunas! Using his bow and quiver the Archer has six abilities that can be activated in lightning-fast succession allowing him to disrupt the battlefield with a variety of attacks that can turn the tide of any combat.

In commemoration of the implementation of the new class "Archer" various typesCheap V4 Red Gems that strongly support character development such as "Equipment Recovery Event" that can recover equipment destroyed by failure of strengthening and 1 gold sale of "Archer Equipment Exchange Ticket" The event will start.

Implemented a new battle content "Sacred Battle" against the server. Every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday from 22:00 to 22:59 one "holy object" will appear in the "volcano of ruin" in the Lunatra area of ​​each server.

In addition to the introduction of the Archer class players will have access to a new area Anguished Forest and the new Phantom Abyss Dungeon which will be added to the Beast’s Void. Additional updates include new gear slots Legendary Eldon Earrings Epic Ring crafting recipe as well as changes to items that players can store while traversing the open world of V4.

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