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New World already had more than 190,000 simultaneous players

In less than a week since the start of the closed beta, New World has passed the 200,000 simultaneous player mark on Steam. Amazon Games' MMORPG has become popular due to the lives of streamers with large audiences such as Zack "Asmongold". On Twitch, the game is already the fourth most watched on the platform. The official launch is scheduled for August 31st.

Steam is your last option if you want to forget about buying it on Amazon. Valve's platform offers the standard and deluxe edition at the same prices as in the store of its creators: 39.99 euros and 49.99 euros, respectively. Only here you avoid the process of redeeming the code: you reserve it and it will be instantly linked to your digital library. The same goes for the beta, which you can download from the moment you complete the pre-purchase.

Twitch owner Amazon is hoping New World, which has been delayed on three occasions, will prove to be its first hit game.

Development of the company’s team-based shooter Crucible officially ceased in October 2020, just five months after the game’s launch, following its struggle to attract a significant player base.

More recently Amazon cancelled a Lord of the Rings MMO, reportedly because of a dispute with Tencent, the parent company of the title’s co-developer Athlon Games.

The client is already available for download, and the studio is planning a devcast at noon EDT today, when it’ll release the trailer, open the gates, and shower followers with Twitch drops.

The beta, which started on July 20, will be available until August 3, at 4:00 pm (Eastern time). Soon after the opening of the servers, New World already had more than 190,000 simultaneous players. It is worth mentioning that, even closed, anyone can participate in the testing period. However, you must have received an invitation from Amazon or pre-ordered the game.

New World closed beta features:
  • Expeditions: 5-player instanced dungeons that take players into the farthest corners and deepest depths of Aeternum, where they’ll face deadly foes and uncover truths about the island.
  • War: Epic siege warfare on a massive scale, with up to 100 players on the battlefield at once. The outcome of each war determines which company controls contested territory or settlements—and the resources they contain.
  • Outpost Rush: Teams of 20 players from two competing factions fight for control of fortifications and resources in this max-level instanced game mode that combines PvE and PvP play.
  • Invasions: Twisted armies of Aeternum muster their forces to assault player-controlled territory, and groups of 50 max-level players rally together to fight of waves of monsters.

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