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NBA 2K21 MyCareer Release Date, Wishlist, Trailer, Changes, Features & More

NBA 2K21 is set to release on September 4, 2020 for PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch platforms. And for next-gen version, it will be released in Holiday 2020 for PS5 & Xbox Series X. NBA 2K21 MyCareer is the one of popular mode in this game, so many players want to know the changes and new features of this game mode. To help players know the players’ wishlist of MyCareer mode, we write this article.


Better voice acting, voice options
Voice acting in the NBA 2K series has been some of the most unintentionally hilarious content in a sports game. This includes some famous flubs and recording issues with NBA 2K15. While things have come a long way from that in NBA 2K20, we expect some more progress for NBA 2K21. As it stands, your created player will always have the same, default voice. That means 7 foot centers and 5’10 guards sound exactly the same, regardless of where they’re from. There needs to be more voice options for created players in MyCAREER for NBA 2K21. And maybe even more voice acting from NBA players to create storylines around.
Does NBA 2K21 MyCareer Progress Transfer to Xbox Series X and PS5
According to the support representative from 2K, “each console has their own save unique to that particular console and are not interchangeable.” From their response, the community now knows that saves are console specific. Therefore, NBA 2K21 MyCareer progress cannot transfer between consoles.
AI Teammates
As you know AI teammates are not very smart/good in MyCareer games. Lots of open missed shots and dumb animations. Make them better(realistic), if i had a dollar for how many open corner 3's gallinari missed i'd be richer than steph curry's 37 million dollar a year contract
More control over defensive coaching settings
It would be nice to be able to change defensive assignments on players, for example i want to put andre roberson on lebron at point, or sag off on russell westbrook at the 3pt line....maybe you can do that let me know if that is possible in my career.
2K has a partnership with Adidas allowing for some pre-order bonuses. Anyone who pre-orders will get a Codechaos MyPlayer pack that features Codechaos Boa golf shoes, polo top, hat and trousers. Meanwhile, those who grab the digital deluxe version will get the same pack and the Golden Touch pack which includes a gold putter and driver as well as 2300 VC. Yep, the game will feature VC, so we shall have to wait and see just how balanced the microtransactions are, which isn’t guaranteed given 2K’s spotty track record.
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