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NBA 2K21 also amazes us again and again on the court

NBA 2K21 MT The NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Edition launched just this past week with gamers able to ball out as the new consoles also debuted. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S was first with the Sony PlayStation 5 arriving several days after. The new version of 2K’s game received a launch day update with more on the way. Basically there will be a number of NBA 2K21 Next-Gen face scans added into the game.

However as NBA 2K21 was already very very beautiful on current-gen it does not put a total and complete slap on Next-Gen. Less than during the previous change of generation for example. This is because of the somewhat dated facial expressions here and there and a certain rigidity the same as in the past in the movements of the players and other characters encountered along the way more precisely in their gestures outside of basketball and therefore outside. of the playing circle and the floor. In fact it is a bit of a shame to find the same slag on next-gen as on the current generation of consoles where we could expect a certain gap from developers in this area.

NBA 2K21

So what’s different? Well where do we even start? Movement mechanics have been completely re-written meaning players will now plant their feet exactly as you expect them to; there’s no sliding into position and awkward snapping into animations as everyone on court will take the requisite steps to get them where NBA 2K21 MT Coins they need to be. It may sound like a minor thing but it gives you a greater connection between the DualSense and the star you’re controlling.

NBA 2K21 also amazes us again and again on the court: How realistically the player models move on the court how credibly the individual facial features of the players are captured and which small details the game depicts almost perfectly such as the lively action on the sidelines is really outstanding. In a playful way the greater degree of realism also ensures positive changes: The defense benefits significantly because thanks to the improved movement sequences you can face the offensive actions of the opposing players and thus for example pull an offensive foul. The action on the pitch gets a further tactical note and becomes even more complex. Only the "pick-and-roll" function drove us a little crazy because it made the offensive efforts a little too "easy".

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