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MIR4 for PC and Android and iOS devices

Wemade Entertainment last weekend announced the release of Mir 4 in 170 countries around the world. A success in South Korea, the title, for PC and Android and iOS devices, is also now available for free in Brazil (with translation into Portuguese), and brings as a big news the possibility of profiting from virtual currencies, since the game is integrated with blockchain technology.

What is Mir4? Mir4 is a new MMORPG coming here in the West. It is based on the "Legend of Mir" series, which is popular in Korea, and takes place in a fantasy world. However, it is not inspired by European medieval and Tolkien fantasy, but clearly follows the theme and aesthetics of Asian fantasy epics and martial arts romance.

MIR 4 is set based on The Legend of Mir 2 - The Blood of the Legend has been present since 2001. The story is told 500 years after the original event with many unexpected new details and content.

As far as the aesthetics of the game is concerned, blockchain technology enables the use of cryptocurrency coin DRACO to be used to buy Darksteel, which is the major resource in MIR4. The characters can be purchased or experienced through NFTs, a concept recently seen in Axie Infinity as well. Players build and join clans to work together towards reaching the goal of acquiring the maximum amount of Darksteel, which is available throughout the world of MIR4.

Launched in South Korea in November 2020, Mir 4, the latest title from one of Asia's best-known MMORPG franchises, quickly leapt to the top positions among the most downloaded games in the Asian country's app stores. The title is described as a portrait of the mystical and elegant life of the Orient, offering a truly unique experience for MMORPG players around the world. The devs mention that in the game, instead of focusing on the four fundamental principles: social, economic, political and competitive, here the attention is focused on the characters' needs and desires, creating a life cycle in the game world.

What are the special features? Mir4 has impressive Asia-style graphics and offers other interesting features, including:

  •     An action-packed and dynamic combat system
  •     An open world to explore
  •     Four different classes, namely the warrior, magician, Taoist and the lancer
  •     There are PvP battles, including skirmishes for loot after tough boss fights and fortress sieges with mass battles
  •     You can legally sell essential game currency to other players using blockchain technology
  •     As in kung fu films and corresponding anime series, you can move dynamically and run along walls or perform spectacular jumps.
  •     An automatic translation function allows you to chat with players from all over the world without any problems

A special feature of MIR 4 is that the game allows parallel play on both PC and Mobile (like Genshin Impact). Therefore, you can switch accounts between these two systems without fear of game interruption.

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