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KartRider: Drift is the latest iteration of the KartRider franchise by Nexon

Building upon its celebrated 15-year history, KartRider: Drift delivers all the action of its predecessor with even more drift challenges and deeper customization. Starting now, racers can sign up for the Closed Beta to test out the game’s cross-platform capabilities via Xbox One, including Xbox One X, Steam and Nexon Launcher.

KartRider was made popular by its intricate and complex racetracks. It’s easy to play but incredibly tough to master. The skill ceiling is high for a simple kart racing game, with players needing to master skills like drifting to maximize their speed. Players also need to memorize each course and all its secrets if they want to be the fastest kart on the track. In Korea, it has evolved into more than a simple racing game. It’s an esports phenomenon. Over 300 million players have played the game in Asia alone.

Kartrider: Drift features a tutorial which most of us wont need, but it’s still a welcome addition and probably helpful for those who have never played a kart game. When you finally get some hands on time with the game you’re going to want to do some time trials to get familiar with the controls and the nuances of steering. Again, by-and-large the game handles much like Mario Kart, I only needed a little practice to nail down the drifting mechanic. For those of you on Xbox you’ll already be using a controller, on PC though you can use either keyboard or mouse, my advice though is to stick with the controller, it makes cornering much smoother. If you are in need of Cheap KartRider Drift Coins, come to 5mmo.com, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.

My KartRider: Drift experience so far hasn’t been perfect though. Getting Steam to actually download the game was my first hurdle. Then the game crashed twice before it decided to run properly. However once I was able to launch it and get past the title screen, it seems to work great. Load times into online races are reasonably quick, even with the limited numbers of testers playing, so come launch it should be pretty easy to jump in and play. A good start to a fun racer.

Ultimately the focus of Kartrider: Drift is online competitive play, and if you’re going to pickup and play the game you should definitely keep that in mind. During the Beta there probably wasn’t enough players for the matchmaking to work effectively so both myself and my friend often finished up the back. Those looking for a competitive experience will be most happy with Kartrider: Drift. Those who loathe PvP gaming will likely want to stick to Mario Kart.