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How to Unlearn Profession WOW Classic & How to Change Profession in WOW Vanilla

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What is Profession in WOW Classic?
Professions are a key part of WoW Classic, providing one of the primary means of making money, and also offering some of the most powerful gear currently in the game, which in several cases is only available to players with the necessary profession to make it themselves. With professions typically demanding a fairly steep investment of time and, in some cases, money, however, figuring out which ones to take can be a daunting prospect for new or less experienced players.
Primary professions and secondary professions
Two classes of professions exist: primary professions and secondary professions. You can have only up to two primary professions at any time (but are not required to take any). You can have any number of the secondary professions, and they do not count against your two primary professions limit. You can drop primary professions, freeing up the profession slot, but you lose the knowledge and experience within the profession; if you take it again later, you will start over from scratch. Secondary professions cannot be dropped, and there would be little point in doing so.
How to Unlearn Profession WOW Classic
Much like in the real world, some players may want to change their profession. To unlearn a profession and start training on a new one, the process is pretty simple. Players need to open their Character Info page. Click on the Skills tab and find the profession they wish to unlearn. They can then click the unlearn button on the right side of the bar. This will allow the player to unlearn the skill. Once a player has unlearned a skill, they will lose all the progress they have made for that profession. If a player decides they want to relearn a profession, they will start back at level 1. This is something to be aware of when unlearning a profession.
However, if you’re new to the game, you’re in no way equipped to make that decision. Thankfully, this option will allow you to change your mind, although it’ll require quite a bit of time. As the years went on, the developers decided to scrap the way unlearning a profession is done, and now you can switch them without any penalty in retail.
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