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Hero Plus features a set of interesting and challenging quests

Hero Plus is a massive multiple online role play game features grand world map, various mobs and bosses. Similar with traditional MMORPG, the game requires you to create a character and set its name, tribes, gender, initial attributes, birthplace and class. Once you step into the game, you ought to follow the tutorial guidance to get familiar with the basic operations and world maps of the game. There’s a unique level up system that allows you to fight upper level mobs to gain more exp when in low level.

If you have joined a party, your party's information will be provided in the left-side of the screen with character's name colored in green. Our party will be displayed as a red dot in the mini-map. Number of players in a party is limited to 6. This system gives options for the party leader to set different options for the party. It helps for a more interesting gaming experience.
Every new entrants can easily get information about Character Builds from other players in the game. The 2 most common in the game are a strength or intelligence based character or a DEX/INT based character. Each has their own positives and negatives. You can learn more about these builds through the Hero Online Forums in the Player Guides or Player Questions section. Highly recommend asking other players about this in game and on forums to save you some money/time in the long run. By the way, you can buy cheap Hero Plus Gold from z2u.com, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

When a character becomes higher than 10 Dan 1 Kyu, New skills are added to the existing skills. After reaching Divine 1 Dan, character improves again, and even new abilities are added. After Ataraxia, elemental status will be added, including wind, water, fire. If you find it's difficult to achieve, it doesn't matter. After Ataraxia, characters will also get unique job skills. With the new job skills, unique items can be produced. Also, new status ailment skills, and also skills that disable the ailment skills is added, so players can change their characters in a more strategic way.
All knacks depicted amply for you, the rest of the matter will be your own practice and thinking. You can follow your instructions directly without too much revision because it's a completed version and has been tested by numerous gamers of Hero Plus before. But you will have chance to adapt it to suit your gameplay style better too. There’s no fixed rules for you to play the game, for win, or just for fun.