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FIFA Mobile has been updated on Android and iOS with a new season

EA sports has released their latest edition of FIFA Mobile for iPhone and Android devices worldwide, having introduced a slew of new features as well as adding a number of significant improvements and new experiences. FIFA Mobile has come with a gameplay engine upgrade, a complete visual gameplay overhaul, and the introduction of one of the most requested modes by users: real-time Head to Head.

The new season of FIFA Mobile has an all-new gameplay engine that brings a "dramatically overhauled" animation system and artificial intelligence (AI) controlled players who play much more intelligently and realistically on both sides over the previous version. There are also better-looking players with authentic faces of many of the global football stars. EA has also uplifted the animation fidelity. This is claimed to help deliver an experience "with more passion and fluidity than any other football game available on mobile devices". In addition, our site z2u.com has a large quantity of safe FIFA Mobile Coins For Sale.

You now have real-time Head to Head multiplayer, for instance, although you may square off against an AI early on to improve your skills. Offline, there's a new Team Chemistry system that boosts your starting lineup when you include players from the same real-world team, league or country. Pick a few players from Paris Saint-Germain and they may play more effectively than if you simply cherry-picked famous names from around the world.

Important under-the-hood changes have been implemented too, such as a new engine that allows for better graphics, AI, player likeness and custom run styles and celebrations. Also, EA included a new VIP Program with special perks and privileges for members. Keep in mind that FIFA Mobile requires a persistent Internet connection and although it's free on both the Android and iOS platforms, the game heavily relies on in-app purchases.