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Earn In-Game Reward By Completing FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges

One access to earn in-game reward is to complete FIFA 17 squad building challenges. However, it’s not a easy thing for players to achieve the goal. The difficulty level of the challenges are increased gradually. The challenges are classified as three grades: Basic, Advanced, and League Challenges. For players who have little knowledge on fifa 18, then here is the right place for you, we will share some tips on how to play well on fifa 18.  


Getting Started and Selecting a Challenge
A tutorial is the one who helps players to play FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges if he or she is  a newbie. Your tutorial will guide you in the beginning of the game and leave you once you can play Independently. There is a Challenge called “Two Nations”, players have to complete under the required standards.
Build and Exchange
Before you starting the game, you have to build a team which lead by yourself, you are the manager and assign task for every player. As for the required items, not only you can obtain for your club or purchase from the transfer market. Don't underestimate the effect of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team pack, almost all FIFA 17 Ultimate Team pack has items that you wanted. Just open FIFA 17 Ultimate Team pack as long as you have. There are unexpected surprise just waiting for you and they will do you a great favor when completing challenges.  
Complete the Challenge
When you have created a team which fulfils the requirements of a particular challenge, it’s time to submit and exchange for great rewards. Think wisely about which players you select – you will give up all player items that are part of the challenge once you submit your team. In Groups, completing a set of challenges unlocks additional group rewards.
Some FUT 17 Squad Building Challenges will be part of larger challenges called Groups. Completing an entire Group earns you other in-game rewards so it pays to complete more than one challenge! So for example an MLS set that will comprise of multiple MLS challenges or a league and nation hybrid set, again comprised of multiple challenges.
Unique Rewards
Completing Challenges and Groups could earn you FUT 17 packs, coins and other unique items found only through Squad Building Challenges. The individual challenges themselves will earn you rewards like packs and coins, and completing groups will bring even bigger rewards like unique player items.
One of the aims is allowing you to make use of players that you would perhaps normally discard or leave rotting in your club, now you’ll be able to use those players in challenges to earn packs and prestige items.

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