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Diablo Immortal even relies heavily on MMO features

Diablo Immortal was on the verge of turning into vaporware but luckily, the Blizzard studio gave news of its Diablo adapted for touch screens! The game, announced in 2018, will enter an alpha phase open to a handful of Australian players, on both Android and iOS. It is for the studio to test the mechanics of its game and to check if the servers are holding up.

What is Diablo Immortal? The latest offshoot of the legendary Hack'n Slay series will be a mobile game for Android and iOS. Although Diablo Immortal was criticized by many fans for being a mobile game when it was released, Blizzard is working to make it a top game.

Historically, Immortal is set between Diablo 2: Lords of Destruction and Diablo 3. In terms of gameplay, however, it's a real Diablo - at least after what we've seen so far. Looting and leveling is still the focus and character progression is the focus.

As part of the technical alpha testing in Diablo Immortal, four classes are available: Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter. Crusader and Necromancer will be added later. The story of the game begins in Vortem, from where the hero goes through a dangerous forest to the city center. The main goal is to search for fragments of the Stone of the Universe. The hero will visit the Ashwold cemetery captured by the undead, the cursed Dark Forest and the sandy sea of ​​Shassar. In addition, Blizzard Entertainment has added six distinct zones to the Alpha, each containing unique monsters, quests, and loot.

Chen talked about how the developers plan to monetize the project. The entire storyline and all content updates will be free, he said. The studio intends to make money on additional in-game purchases. These include a Battle Pass and items called Coats of Arms. The latter can be used to modify "ancient faults" to make them harder or easier.

The game will include three virtual currencies: Gold, Platinum, and Eternal Orbs. The last two can be purchased with coins and trébuchants. Rift points will need to be accumulated to purchase various items and abilities. A system of gems and stones will modify the properties of objects. A marketplace will be available so players can trade in materials and items, but Blizzard warns: it won't be a place to acquire equipment and there is no question of real money transactions.

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