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Cheap ways to complete FIFA 17 TOTY Premier League Guarantee SBC (5 days left)

Team of the Year is on from January 9th to January 16th. To celebrate this special week, Electronic Arts will also release several SBC’s, packs and lightning rounds. And now here is cheap ways to complete Premier League Guarantee SBC to get a EPL premium gold pack.
FIFA 17 Team of the Year SBC - Premier League Guarantee
Exchange a squad for a pack with 3 Premier League players guaranteed (untradeable) !
Rewards: EPL premium gold pack x 1

Exactly Gold Players
Min. Team Chemistry: 30
Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Rating: 75
Chemistry: 98
Ranges: 3,300/110,000

Rating: 76
Chemistry: 30
Ranges: 3,500/110,000

Rating: 76
Chemistry: 35
Ranges: 4,900/110,000