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Bubble Witch Saga 2 offers a less evil and dark design

Social and casual games continue to be one of the most downloaded and played genres on social networks and mobile platforms. To refute this idea is King, the most successful developer in this field that has already managed to conquer the market with games like Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga. Now he launches a new title, the sequel to one of his 2011 hits in which bubbles had to be exploded. This is Bubble Witch Saga 2. A fun second installment capable of hooking the player from the first level.

It is a skill game that repeats the mechanics of bubble games from a few years ago. Of course, this time playing a good witch, contrary to what happened in Bubble Witch Saga, where evil and the dark field of witchcraft was the leitmotiv. This time rescuing animals, friendly ghosts or clearing the sky are the excuses to burst all the bubbles by shooting them with a cannon. A repetitive but really interesting mechanics thanks to the extras of each level.

Thus, the player only has to use a finger to point in the desired direction and lift it from the screen to shoot the ball. By joining three or more of the same color, these detach from the rest and fall to the kettles at the bottom of the screen, achieving one or another score depending on where they land. A trajectory in which the frogs that are placed near these pans also have a lot to do with achieving large chains of bubbles, achieving more scores by bouncing them on the aforementioned frogs and, hopefully, ending the bubbles in the pans highest scoring. If you need Buy Bubble Witch 2 Saga Accounts, you can visit our site z2u.com.

All this mechanic is accompanied by three different juice modes that are reminiscent of the different levels of Candy Crush Saga. Thus, in some it will be necessary to eliminate the bubbles from the upper part of the stage, while in another it will be necessary to rescue the caged animals with bubbles around them. Very similar is the way to release the ghost, in which case the level acts like a ferris wheel, rotating with each shot to make the game more interesting.

For an inveterate gamer, Bubble Witch Saga 2 may be just another hobby, but King seems to have fine-tuned some mechanics that, due to their simplicity, will make it easy for the general public. To know if the game repeats the success of its predecessor, you just have to wait for its departure and check the reaction of the only judge who gives and takes reasons: the players.