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Blizzard launched World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

WOW Classic Gold By the end of World of Warcraft‘s last expansion Battle for Azeroth the usual fatigue that accompanies the final days of a WoW expansion was amplified by the belief that Blizzard was no longer in control of its 16-year-old MMORPG giant. There were some players who felt that Activision’s influence on Blizzard had corrupted the company’s spirit. Others who had just gotten a taste of World of Warcraft Classic bemoaned the loss of the social elements that had once defined the game. There was a general feeling that Blizzard was doing all it could to keep WoW afloat while longtime fans were impatiently waiting for the MMO to embark upon its next great adventure.

This week Blizzard launched World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands the MMO’s eighth expansion in 16 years. Even after all those expansions there’s still lots to get excited about with a dark turn of events in the World Of Warcraft narrative that means the game is now literally a matter of life and death.

World Of Warcraft

It should come as no surprise that players are eager to jump into World of Warcraft after the expansion’s launch. Shadowlands received more pre-orders than any previous WoW expansion and Blizzard has been hyping up its release for months now with cinematics and enticing details about how it will change up the MMORPG’s formula. The anticipation for the expansion only grew when players had to wait longer than expected for it to launch after Blizzard announced a delay at the beginning of October.WOW Classic US Gold Players only ended up needing to wait about an extra month for the release of Shadowlands and even back when the release date was announced some players predicted disaster when it launched over the busy Thanksgiving holiday week in the US.

Our introduction to this new world is a bit light on whimsy though since we’re dumped pretty much immediately into the Maw – basically Warcraft’s version of Hell where the most wicked souls go to suffer eternally. Everything from the foreboding music to the sickly orange color palette feel as oppressive as Icecrown while completely departing from its icy blue and black look. The wicked enemies and buildings are still in line with the Lich King’s sense of style though reminding us that we’re seeing the realm from which his power originated.

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