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Art of War 3 Global Conflict is a strategy game created by Gear Games

Art of War 3: Global Conflict is a strategy game created by Gear Games, which is a gaming company from Russia. Art of War 3 itself is a series from the Art of War game. Art of War 3 has several advantages compared to the previous series. One of them is the quality of the visual graphics. Now, Art of War 3 is available on android and has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

There is no fantastic element, like tiberium or a time machine, in the AoW 3 universe. Why the conflict of these two factions has arisen in the conventionally modern world, what is the background, what is the ideology of the two opposing sides, the authors do not tell us. The Westwood developers (the authors of Dune 2 and the C&C games) needed the introductory video for the game for this. In Art of War 3, the story could be revealed in more than three dozen campaign story missions for each side, but there will be no answers to questions in them. Why the Resistance originated in the jungles of South America, whether it is supported by the governments of some countries is not clear.

Since the AoW 3 came out in 2018, its graphics are sort of surpassed currently, but this is a good thing because real-time strategy gameplay can be demanding. When you have lots of units clashing on the screen, each with their own set of visuals and animations, things can get hectic, and this is why it is good to sacrifice a few fancy visuals for smooth and fast gameplay. But, this is not to say there is anything wrong with AoW3, as it still looks decent.

There is a Player Leaderboard for Each Battle Type
You can see your rank in various types of battles. If you have entered a clan, you can also see your clan rank in various types of battles. Not only that, you can see the rank in your clan. You can see your rank in the clan. Among these are ranking based on clan stars, influence on your clan, weekly stars, and the number of stars you have.

Free-to-play Friendly
While this probably goes for the late game multiplayer experience, which is the main thing to look forward to, this may have seriously compromised user experience. The game offers microtransactions that range from around $4 bucks to well over $100, and it’s mostly for Golden Credits, the game’s premium currency. Cash is also valuable because any in-game currency can buy you boosts, which range from boosting your units’ training speed to stats, and, yes, they do apply to PvP combat as well, which is why some players do not like it. If you can’t follow the stakes, you cannot compete with the big sharks that will splash out cash for this game.

What's the bottom line. Art of War 3: Global Conflict are fake Chinese Christmas tree decorations. Outwardly, they are like real, but there is no joy from them. The basic mechanics seem to be in place, but the pleasure of passing the game is not enough. Campaign missions are boring, maps are mostly uninteresting. And this is in a free game, where the one who pays the most will win in online battles. In Soviet times, the VAZ-2107 car was nicknamed "I want to be a Mercedes" for its characteristic appearance. "Seven" was indeed the most desirable car among the classic models from Togliatti, but VAZ cars never became Mercedes. AoW 3 could be forgiven a lot, including boosters, if the authors could combine working game mechanics and an interesting story in a story campaign.

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