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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to make the perfect Snowboy, ACNH Perfect Snowboy Guide

Just like the previous games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can make snowmen in winter (called Snowboys in the game). You will only see snowballs rolling into Snowboys when the ground is completely covered by snow. For players in the northern hemisphere, this process lasts approximately until mid-December, and for players in the southern hemisphere, this process lasts approximately until mid-June.


Animal Crossing Snowboys: How to make a perfect Snowboy; Snowboy Everywhere
You can find snowballs in open areas on the island. To make a Snowboy, you must push the snowball around to make it grow. After exceeding a certain size, you can roll the snowballs on each other to create a Snowboy. If you accidentally break the snowball, you can respawn a snowball by entering and leaving the building (please note that if your airport gate opens, the snowball will not spawn on your island).
You can make Snowboys of all sizes, but only a well-made Snowboy can provide you with seasonal DIY recipes. Perfect Snowman will also provide you with big snowflakes every day until the snowman melts. You will need these to make DIY recipes that he will reward you. A snowman will disappear around for four days and then disappear.
How to make the perfect Snowboy
1.         Look for 2 snowballs on the ground and make sure they are always close to each other.
2.         Make sure not to move snowballs into the sand or accidentally kick them onto trees, as this will damage them. If they are indeed destroyed, they can shuttle inside and outside some buildings to force them to regenerate.
3.         Kick them until they are big enough to roll by hand.
4.         Make them close to the same size, but the bottom size needs to be slightly larger. The bottom one should be above your eyes and the top one should be your mouth (under the eyes). Use the camera (in game) to help you!
5.         Take your two snowballs to the open area on the island.
6.         Roll a snowball back and forth until it is the same height as the top of the character's eyes.
7.         Roll this big snowball to where you want Snowboy to end. It needs space around it because you need to be able to talk to him.
8.         Roll the second snowball nearby until it is the same height as the top of the character's ears. (Use the image above as a reference. You can tilt the camera to make sure the snowballs are about the same size.)
9.         Take the smaller snowball and roll it into the larger snowball to complete your Snowboy.
10.     If Snowboy does not immediately congratulate you on making the perfect version, you may have gotten the wrong size. You can exit the game immediately and try again, but please make sure that the game does not automatically save.
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