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Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Update may have leaked

Ever since the game launched last month, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have been wondering where the series' famous art gallery has gotten to. An ever-present feature of previous games, the art gallery has been a much-loved part of Blathers' museum - fake paintings and all - but it's nowhere to be seen in the new game.

As you'll know if you own a copy yourself, the museum in New Horizons has areas for fossils, bugs, and fish, with a mysterious staircase that leads to nothing. It seems like this could all be about to change, though, as speaking to a villager called Fang reveals some very intriguing in-game text.

Both locations are referenced in island dialogue, which fans have spotted and now posted online. Each bit of dialogue appears to suggest the locations are available already, leading to speculation these have popped up a little early, and that a future update will unlock each area.

One of the most common, appearing in all but the first game, is Brewster the pigeon, who runs a coffee shop called The Roost. As far as anyone knows his shop is not in New Horizons, but fans have noticed that some of the island residents have suddenly started to talk about him.Since there’s no record of that happening before it suggests the references were added in a recent update, which in turn suggests The Roost is coming to the game in the near future.

Either Fang is betraying the fact that, not only does he not know much about art, he's never even gone to the museum, or this particular piece of dialogue was supposed to surface once the museum gets an art section. Or some localizer made a mistake and brought some dialogue over from a previous Animal Crossing, but a lot would have to go wrong to make that happen.

Adding art collections to Animal Crossing: New Horizons would make for a lovely update, especially since that top floor of the museum is suspiciously empty right now. It could also mean the return of Redd, the visiting fox merchant who is always happy to sell you priceless art (or a convincing counterfeit). Stay tuned to z2u.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Animal Crossing NH Bells for players.