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49ers-Rams Madden NFL 18 Simulation detail

Madden NFL 18is an American football simulation video game, developed by EA Sports and published for PS4 & XboxOne in 2017. Features all features of authentic National Football League, unique Ultimate Team Mode, Franchise Mode, Longshot Career Mode. Players will feel like playing real football in Madden 18.

No one was more angry when the Rams announced the benching of starters than yours truly. Why? Because that meant more work for me to clean up their roster in respect to who got benched.

Quarter Length: 6 Minutes
Games Simulated: 3
Notable inactives for 49ers: NONE
Notable inactives for Rams: Jared Goff, Cooper Kupp, Mark Barron, Todd Gurley
What a boring game

There really were no stats of note to take that could possibly correspond to Sunday. Rams Running back Tavon Austin had one good game for 116 yards rushing, but then would get 67 and 55 yards in his other games. Carlos Hyde averaged 80 yards, the receiving corps on both teams couldn’t get a standout consistently. Sack totals were low, interceptions were low. Just a boring boring game. Probably what you expect from the B-squad of the Rams and the 49ers.
Jimmy Garoppolo has little issues with the Rams defense

Of course, the reason there’s not a standout receiver for the 49ers is because Garoppolo airs the ball out all over the place. In real life, Marquise Goodwin seems to be his favorite target. In Madden, there isn’t one. Garoppolo averaged 246 yards and a 64.3 completion percentage. Sean Mannion, on the other hand, went 51.8 percent and averaged 228 yards with an interception a game.
Final Score: 27-24, 49ers

With the momentum the 49ers have coming into this, and the benched starters for the Rams, I don’t see them losing this. In fact, I don’t see them winning it by three points. I expect them to beat the Rams handily in a 27-14 type win. If the 49ers do struggle against the Rams bench...then this optimistic offseason will have taken a hit.

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