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Daybreak is celebrating EverQuest II‘s 15th anniversary with a new expansion

A producer letter from Everquest II outlines beta details, server launch, and anniversary events. First up, Everquest II: Blood of Luclin beta will begin on November 5. The final times are being locked down but it’s set to open some time between 10a-12p PDT. Pre-ordering this expansion gives you beta access and also provides you with a Zelniak familiar.

New solo, heroic, and raid content are included in the new expansion. The expansion itself is set to launch in December. A final date will be announced in the coming weeks. Additionally on November 5, a new Rivervale server will launch. There will be no gated content. You’ll be able to start as a heroic character at Level 90 in the Phantom Seas. Finally, starting November 7, a new Dragons Attack 15th Anniversary event will go live. It will feature challenges and rewards, with precise details to be announced in the coming days. When starting to play EverQuest II, EverQuest II Platinum is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in EverQuest II.

Daybreak is really celebrating EverQuest II‘s 15th anniversary with a new expansion, Blood of Luclin, in which players will get to explore the game’s moon to stop the threats to their own world. Currently, the EQ2 team is preparing for the expansion’s upcoming beta test on November 5 — but, of course, they encourage players to go ahead and get their preorders in.

Blood of Luclin will add an additional 10 levels to the cap — both adventurer and tradeskill — as well as new quests. There’s also new raid content on the way, as well as a new feature, titled Overseer, that allows players to recruit agents to do their bidding. Following the expansion’s launch, on November 7, a special anniversary event will kick off in-game. The Heroes’ Festival will return with a few update, and there will also be a new event titled “Dragons Attack.” If you need Buy EverQuest II Items, you can visit our site z2u.com.

This weekend, Executive Producer Holly Longdale, Creative Director Luke Sigmond, and other members of the EverQuest and EverQuest II dev team will be in attendance to head up a panel titled “EverQuest and EverQuest II: Decades of Continuous MMORPG Storytelling.” The primary topic of the talk will be “to share the rigors of maintaining and expanding upon the living story of a fantasy world for decades for groundbreaking franchise that popularized and changed the MMORPG genre 20 years ago.”