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Contract Killer 2 retains the original’s freemium business model

Contract Killer 2 from Glu Mobile launched today on iOS and Android. From the game’s first scene players will notice two major departures from the original.Instead of a generic protagonist, Glu’s sequel puts gamers into the shoes of Jack Griffon, a grizzled anti-hero nearing the end of his career. The missions this time around are story-based, giving gamers more of an excuse and justification for the assassinations they’ll be pulling off across the game’s nine globe-trotting chapters.

This time around Griffon isn’t content to just sit in one place picking off targets. Previous Contract Killer titles kept the player stationary. But this time around players will actually be able to move up and through each mission, jumping from cover to cover.

Players don’t have complete freedom of movement, however. Instead, Contract Killer 2 gives gamers a handful of choices for which piece of cover they’d like to move to next. Tap one, and Griffon moves up automatically. A heads-up display lets gamers know if the hiding spot is safe or if it’s within line-of-sight of one of the numerous patrolling guards. The system is a nice compromise between true freedom of movement and the original Contract Killer’s stationary gameplay.

Missions provide a mixture of both stealth and combat. Stealth missions require the use of silent throwing knife of melee kills. The all-out action missions give gamers the opportunity to use Contract Killer’s more traditional assault and sniper rifles.

Contract Killer 2 retains the original’s freemium business model, but it drops the energy system. Content is insted gated off by the game's difficulty curve. Free players can expect to play through the game’s first few chapters, representing around 30-60 minutes of content. From there they will likely need to grind out achievements to earn the premium currency needed to nab more powerful weapons & progress. Stay tuned to z2u.com and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Contract Killer 2 Credits for players.